Satellite Redundancy System

Are you a company looking for a solution to Internet failures of wired system (fiber)?


The solution : Satellite redundancy system


Satellite Redundancy is designed to ensure you peace of mind. Don’t wait until the weather or other technical problems paralyze your business, and act today. Our Internet redundancy satellite system gives you the opportunity to continue the supervision of your transactions without hassle, and at very little cost. Think about all the revenue loss and dissatisfied customers that you can avoid.

With a redundancy system, as soon as wire breaks occur, the satellite takes over!



Our satellite system is independent of wired networks. If a wire breaks occurs with a competing company, our systems are not affected. That’s why all companies have the advantages of using satellite redundancy, because most of the time, companies have a redundancy system with another wireline company, which are often interrelated. So, when a failure occurs with fiber optic on provider A, the fiber optic Internet with provider B has also a network failure, caused by the first one. In the case of satellite redundancy, its signal will be not affected, because its on a independent satellite.



Stay connected with people

By installing a router with multiple connection, the satellite Internet network automatically takes over when the device detects a wired side failure.

This unit gives priority to wired connection. Upon interruption, our router automatically transfers the signal to the secondary branch that is served by the satellite. Satellite service is ground-based in Canada’s central provinces, so you never lose your service.

Also, you can choose the option to manually transfer networks when an interruption occurs, by moving the network wire from one device to another, allowing for redundancy at very little cost.