Launch of Jupiter 2 High-speed Internet Satellite



On December 18, 2016, in the afternoon, HughesNet’s newest high-speed internet satellite, EchoStar 19 / Jupiter 2, was launched in orbit from Cape Canaveral, Florida. It was placed on top of an Atlas 5 rocket.

Echostar 19 / Jupiter 2 is Ka-band satellite that will use high-throughput spot beams to provide consumer broadband under the HughesNet brand.

Through the Xplornet satellite provider, this new satellite will provide additional capacity to meet the growing demand for high-speed satellite Internet services. It will provide in Canada with a download speed of 25 Mbps (and uploading of 1 Mbps) in several regions that do not have access to this high-speed service.

Normand Albert, president of NJ Albert Telecommunications, the leader in satellite internet communications in Canada, was invited at the launch of the satellite on Dec. 18 in Cape Carnaveral, Florida.

With a capacity of more than 180 gigabits per second, the new EchoStar XIX satellite is the largest satellite to be produced in the world. In total, it will triple the current satellite internet capacity of Xplornet.

For rural Canada, this will result in increased speed and data at an affordable price.


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Watch the video of the arrival of the satellite at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida (1 m 10 sec)

EchoStar XIX | JUPITER™ 2 arrives at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station from Hughes on Vimeo.