DRIVEAWAY Antenna for vehicle

Description of the Antennas mountable on Vehicles or Trailer

These automated high-speed Internet antennas can be installed on a vehicle or trailer. It can be deployed everywhere, in seconds, good or bad weather.


75 cm (30 inches)antenna in Ka-band. The satellite acquisition is performed with high precision. It is suitable for small vehicles. The antenna is small, compact and smooth. Available for sale or long term rental.

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98 cm (40 inches) antenna in Ku-band. Highly resistant antenna. Excellent value. Versatile usage.

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98 cm (40 inches) antenna in Ku-band. Optional protective case. Has three motorized axes. It is convertible for Ka-band.

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98 cm (40 inches) antenna in Ku-band. Optional protective case. Model H: Hughes (Yahsat Yahclick – Adapt). Model V: Viasat/Eutelsat (KA-SAT Tooway – Compliant). Model G: Generic (Avanti & Gilat – Approved). Also convertible to Ku-band.

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120 cm (48 inches) antenna in Ku/X-band. Excellent value. Reliable and rugged.

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120 cm (48 inches) antenna. Optional protective case. High precision pointing.. Compact storage. Aerodynamic and sleek patented form.

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150 cm (60 inches) in C/Ku-band. Three motorized axes. Highly resistant antenna. Lightweight carbon fiber reflector.

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180 cm (72 inches) antenna in C/Ku-band. Optional 2 or 4 pieces reflector. Three motorized axes. Highly resistant antenna. Gain higher for a low EIRP.

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Industry sectors and locations where this product can be used

  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Mining Exploration
  • Construction
  • Satellite News Gathering
  • Military
  • Cellular Backhaul
  • Homeland Security & Emergency Response
  • Mobile Medical Services
  • Disaster Relief
  • Mobile Education
  • Mobile Office
  • Mobile Banking

The 7000/7024 Controler adapted to this antenna

controlleur 7000-7024 tp

  • Works with the Drive-Away antennas
  • Fast and efficient.
  • Deploy with a push of a button.
  • Modulation support DVB-S1 & DVB-S2/ACM.
  • Capable of capturing satellites in inclined orbit.

Technical Specifications 

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How to buy and lease

Some of our products can be rented for a minimum period of three months, including the Internet connection and bandwidth. All our products can be purchased with flexible payment terms. We can also offer upgrade packages and technical assistance.

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