1201 Antenna

Features - 1201 Antenna

  • 1.2m Off set, prime focus, thermoset-molded refl ector with back cover
  • Low stow height
  • Patented sleek aerodynamic form (Patent # D696649 & D696650)
  • Designed to work with the iNetVu® 7024C Controller
  • Supports hand cranks
  • One button, auto-pointing controller acquires any Ku-band satellite within 2 minutes
  • Optimal high-precision antenna pointing
  • Includes jog controller functions
  • Remote access and operation via network, web and other interfaces
  • Modular design makes all major aspects of the antenna fi eld serviceable
  • Supports Skyware 1.2m antenna, Type 125
  • Wind defl ector pod (optional)
  • 2-piece thermoset-molded refl ector (optional)
  • Characterized with Eutelsat* and Intelsat Compliant
  • Standard 2 year warranty

Industry sectors and locations where this product can be used

  • Oil & Gas Exploration
  • Mining Exploration
  • Construction
  • Satellite News Gathering
  • Military
  • Cellular Backhaul
  • Homeland Security & Emergency Response
  • Mobile Medical Services
  • Disaster Relief
  • Mobile Education
  • Mobile Office
  • Mobile Banking

Promotional Video

                  1. Watch the 1201 antenna deploy after a snowstorm

The 7000/7024 controler adapted to this antenna

controlleur 7000-7024 tp

  • Works with DriveAway platforms
  • Fast & efficient
  • One button deployment.
  • Support DVB-S1 & DVB-S2/ACM modulation
  • Capable of tracking inclined orbit satellites

Technical Specifications 

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Satellite coverage for this antenna in Canada

GALAXY 28 - 29 º West - Ku band

Galaxy 28 - 89 degre ouest - Bande Ku - NACC Beam tp

HORIZON 1 - 127 º West - Ku band

HORIZON 1 - 127 degre ouest - bande ku - america beam tp

TELSTAR 11N - 37 º West - Ku band

TELSTAR 11N - 37 degre ouest - us carribean - ku band north - central america beam tp

Technical Specifications for the 1201 antenna

antenne 1201 specs page 1 tpantenne 1201 specs page 2 tp

Download PDF

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