Satellite Redundancy System

Do you need an Internet connexion that you can connect to when your traditional wired system fails?

Your service points depend on it?

transmetteur-debitPrevention is the key word for all computer problems that we would like to avoid, whether to perform banking transactions or payments by credit cards. Your company must continue to ensure your customers a quality service to guarantee their loyalty at all times.

Satellite Redundancy is designed to ensure you peace of mind. Don’t wait until the weather or other technical problems paralyze your business, and act today. Our Internet redundancy satellite system gives you the opportunity to continue the supervision of your transactions without hassle, and at very little cost. Think about all the revenue loss and dissatisfied customers that you can avoid.

We offer a turnkey rental including Xplornet Internet access service and equipment installation. Xplornet remains at all times the owner of the equipment. It offers a satisfaction guarantee of 30 days, a lifetime warranty on the equipment and a one-year warranty on labour. In addition, we offer a remote technical support, at any time, without charge.

For additional information, contact one of our agents at 1-866-916-2226.